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There is no better way of hearing about the quality of a school than hearing it from the students themselves. Sifu Alan Paterson and the School of Kung Fu (Croydon) undertake many activities outside of the school including corporate event days, grading ceremonies for the younger students and high paced weekend classes for the more active and willing adult students. Here are some comments from our pupils and customers.

My son and I have been attending the School of Kung Fu for almost four years. The School has been great they practice what they preach good discipline as well as exercising and promoting good physical and mental health. I joined partly due to my own lack of regular exercise regime and to send my son a message that no matter how old you are or your level of fitness this should never hold you back. If you put your mind to something worthwhile you can achieve great success in all walks of life. As long as you have an open mind, determination and like being challenged then this place is for you.

Mr Choudhury

Mr Choudhury

‘Kung Fu, sparked our daughter’s passion to learn about China, its culture and language.


We enrolled her, in the free Mandarin lessons offered at School of Kung Fu.


But like most new journeys, learning Mandarin would prove daunting at first.


Anika prevailed, however, drawing on the disciplines and skills instilled by Sifu Alan and the teachers from the Confucius Institute.


Anika achieved triple 100% passes in the Youth Chinese Test Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.


We are eternally grateful.’

  • Parents of A. Abrahams

School of Kung Fu Croydon, as an extremely proud Father I wish to share my daughters Martial Arts Journey:


A positive and direct result of my 6 year old daughter mastering her new skill’s is that I am witnessing significant improvements in her self confidence and maturity in all her daily interactions, an observation that has been endorsed by her school.


Mental focus is required to learn the subtle techniques during lessons which has clearly improved my daughters concentration in her academic studies which is also rewarded in lessons (Invaluable Motivation for Children).


This is all thanks to the distinctly family friendly and highly professional culture which resonates through Sifu Alan Paterson (Head Instructor), Charlotte, Alex and the entire support team. The Junior class instructors Charles and Shane are not only masters of the art, they equally possess exceptional child teaching skills which is a dynamic combination. The lessons are delivered with wholehearted devotion within a safe and professionally equipped environment.


If any parent is looking for Martial Arts for their child in Croydon, I unreservedly recommend this truly authentic school to all parents who wish to elevate their child’s mental, academic and physical development. You will be greeted with the highest degree of professionalism, warmth and hospitality the essence of Kung Fu.

SF (A Very Happy Father)

It’s been since 2007 that I have known and taught Sifu Alan Paterson. He has recently started School of Kung Fu, his own organisation, with his senior instructors.

Because of our friendship and history together I fully support Sifu Alan Paterson and School of Kung Fu and will continue mentoring him as his Sifu and I will be responsible for his Kung Fu education and cultivation in Wing Chun Kung Fu the future

Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola


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